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Provides resources for women, men, families, and children who are struggling through counseling, empowerment, psychoeducation, parenting skills, career counseling, job skills, entrepreneurial skills, financial counseling and support, employment opportunities, and safety.

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Why Give?

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Join Hands, Transform Lives: Be a Beacon of Hope for Survivors

Our Call to Donors: At Beyond Caring, we invite compassionate individuals and organizations to join hands with us in supporting survivors of trauma and abuse. Your generous contributions will play a pivotal role in addressing critical needs and empowering survivors on their journey towards healing and resilience.

Where Your Donations Go:

Healthcare Professional Education:

    • Your support will enable us to enhance the training and education of healthcare professionals, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care for survivors.

Essential Commodities for Women and Children:

    • Donations will be utilized to provide essential commodities required for the daily life of women and children affected by trauma. This includes items like clothing, hygiene products, and other necessities.

Empowerment Through Counseling:

    • Counseling is a cornerstone of healing for survivors. Your contributions will fund counseling programs tailored to address trauma and abuse, empowering survivors to rebuild their lives.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Monetary Donations:

    • Financial contributions, big or small, go a long way in supporting survivor needs. Your donation will directly contribute to education, essential commodities, and counseling services.

In-Kind Donations:

    • Non-monetary contributions, such as clothing, hygiene products, and other essentials, are invaluable in meeting the day-to-day needs of survivors.

Sponsorship Programs:

    • Explore sponsorship opportunities to support specific initiatives, programs, or survivors’ educational and counseling needs.

Spread Awareness:

    • Advocate for survivors by spreading awareness about trauma and abuse. Your voice can help break the silence and contribute to building a supportive community.

Together, We Heal; Together, We Thrive: Survivors deserve a future filled with hope, and your support can make that vision a reality. Join us in creating a world where survivors are not only heard but also empowered to lead fulfilling lives.

Beyond Healing Caring: Where Compassion Ignites Transformation.


Support Beyond Caring: Give the Gift of Healing

How You Can Contribute:

Financial Donations:

  • Your monetary support is crucial in helping us continue our mission.

Donation of Services:

  • If you or your organization can contribute services that align with our mission, please contact us at 708-737-7968. Your expertise may make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

In-Kind Donations:

  • We welcome in-kind donations of needed items. If you have goods or products that could benefit our clients, please call us at 708-737-7968 to coordinate the donation.

Your Support Makes a Difference: Beyond Caring is grateful for the support of individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact. Your generosity allows us to provide essential resources, counseling, and empowerment to those on their journey to healing.

Contact Information:

  • To donate services or needed items, or for any inquiries, call us at 708-737-7968.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and healing. Together, we make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Empowering Lives Through Knowledge

Empower Counselors, Empower Survivors: Invest in Education and Resources

Why Support Professional Development:

40-Hour Domestic Violence Training:

    • Your contributions will enable counselors to undergo specialized training accredited by the state of Illinois. This equips them with the essential skills and knowledge to address the unique needs of survivors.

Conference and Seminar Attendance:

    • Donations will facilitate counselors’ participation in conferences and seminars focused on domestic violence efforts. Staying informed about the latest advancements in the field enhances their ability to provide effective support.

Continuing Education on Career Resources:

    • Your support ensures that counselors receive ongoing education in career resources and updates. This empowers them to guide survivors with the most current and impactful career strategies.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Financial Contributions:

    • Make a direct impact by contributing financially to support counselors’ education and training.

Spread the Word:

    • Help us raise awareness by sharing our mission with your network. The more people know about our cause, the more support we can gather.

Invest in the Knowledge that Heals: Your support transcends monetary value; it’s an investment in the knowledge and expertise that counselors bring to survivors. Together, we can empower those who dedicate their careers to making a difference in the lives of survivors.

Thank you for being a catalyst for positive change. Your support transforms lives.

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This nonprofit organization grew out of my own story of suffering – being a mother of 7. I lost a child when I was 23 and had to prepare a 2- and 3-year-old for the impending death of their sister. I was also in a difficult marriage and feeling stuck and unable to leave to a safer and healthier environment because of finances, being overwhelmed, and beat down. I didn’t know if I could support 6 children by myself. After years of working on my education and self-esteem, I did leave that situation but not before it took a toll on myself and children. Now I am financially secure, and my children are all successfully launched. My dream has been to support and empower other women and families who are struggling and help them to get on their feet and thrive.

Dr. Tracey Kim Snow


I am writing to show my appreciation for your incredibly generous donation of a car to me. Your act of kindness has helped me more than you know and filled my heart with immense gratitude.Being given this car has truly been a life-changing event for me. I’ve had a lot of anxiety about driving and now with a reliable car there’s been a weight lifted off my shoulders. This car has and will continue to help me catch up to all the life that I’ve missed out on. It has opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities that were previously out of reach. Thanks to you, I can now get to work more easily, attend appointments and hangout with friends and family without relying on public transportation or struggling to find a ride. Your donation has not only provided me with a way to get me where I need to go but has also given me a renewed sense of freedom and self-sufficiency. Your act of kindness has not only impacted my life but also the lives of my family and friends. We are all incredibly grateful for your generosity. Please know that your donation will be put to good use and will be well-maintained. I promise to take care of this car and make sure that it serves its purpose to the best of its ability.Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your incredible generosity. Your donation has made a significant difference in my life, and I will forever be grateful for your kindness.



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