Kaysha’s Angels – Helping Mothers who Have Lost Children to Violence

This program provides grieving mothers and families to free or reduced counseling to help them to deal with the trauma, loss, and grief. We work in collaboration with other nonprofit groups such as Parents for Peace & Justice (in the Chicagoland) Circle of Love (in NW Indiana) and provide such services as:
Weekly support groups – online support groups to help families grieve and heal from their traumatic losses.
Individual and family counseling – in person and virtual counseling sessions

Annual weekend retreats – a weekend get away focused on trauma work, grieving, and healing. Process groups, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Entrepreneur Success Group

Providing weekly in person and online support and empowerment coaching to women who have a dream inside of them and want to start their own businesses or grow their businesses to the next level.

Rising from the Ashes – Financial Empowerment

Individual and group financial education to empower women to become financially independent and live the lives they’ve dreamed of.

Transformation – Self Esteem and Empowerment

Individual and group support and empowerment to help women to find themselves/rediscover themselves and build a future that they have always deserved.

Soaring – Mentoring Program

Designed to provide mentoring to young women in pursuit of an education or their dreams. Each participant will be provided a personalized mentor who can help them to traverse journey and overcome obstacles that they may have.

Wellness on Wheels

Wellness on Wheels is a customized van providing therapy and empowerment to individuals and communities in underprivileged areas – We will deliver counseling and resources to underprivileged communities 5 days a week – bringing the help and counseling to them.


Scholarships to help clients in need to benefit from other programs which have a cost. This includes:

The Empowerment group

The Empowerment group, Goddess Warrior Training, which helps women to become empowered, learn how to own their power, and ways that they give it away, and also to speak their truth and find themselves.

DBT Skills training

a skill based support group to help clients deal with anxiety and depression, and

Divorce Recovery

a support group which helps clients to understand the developmental stages and challenges of divorce and transitions and how to heal and overcome their obstacles.

Nurturing Children

a parent skill-based support group to assist parents to communicate and connect with their children in loving, self-esteem building ways.

Future Programs

Stepping Stones

4-unit transitional housing for mothers and children designed to empower families to gather the tools they need (communications skills, job skills, parenting skills, helping with homework, chores, etc). Counselors will come to the house to provide play therapy and art therapy for the children (working on self esteem, etc), while other counselors run a group for the mothers to set them up with skills for success.

Golden Girls

Large group home for older women who cannot afford to live alone. This group commune will allow women live in an interdependent environment where all members have a role and contribution but also receive support from the other women. Counselors will come weekly to provide counseling and group resources to the members.

Caring Across the Ages

Intergenerational daycare – grandmothers and seniors provide childcare and share insight and wisdom for children whose mothers cannot afford traditional daycare. A certified childcare provider will also be on the premises, but the goal is to foster caring intergenerational relationships for all involved – providing the seniors with sense of purpose and the children with healthy and caring role models and grandparent figures.